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The long stone is the main mineral composition of almost all

de lynelo le Mer Juin 13, 2012 2:25 am


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Should avoid bumping shot while carrying, keep off a fire source. The sea blue precious stone is received by people for"the stone of brave" for long time, and be seen into the sign that is happy and keeps alive the fervor of youth.Many national pair ofs in the world sea the blue precious stone settle for"in Marchary birthstone" and symbolize calm and steady, brave and intelligent.The western people think that carrying the blue precious stone of sea can make people have foreseer.At the same time, it still has to hypnotize and presses curing of evil strength and magic to use value, water once immersing with the blue precious stone of sea can cure an eye disease and spout spirit and dozen E. Sea blue precious stone mainly endow with be been saved to a grain-like in shape sodium of crystal rock mineral bed-sugar of Wei to grow a crystal rock of petrochemical Wei in, the most famous sea blue precious stone habitat pulls Si state in the rice Na Si Ji of Brazil in the world;It secondly is Russia and China etc. region.According to report, 1912 once discovered to grow 19 inches in the Brazil, the breadth was 16 inches, weighed 243 pounds of of sea blue precious stone crystal, inside green outside blue, very transparent.So far should be the biggest sea blue precious stone is in the world. The trouble of ameliorable breath system strengthens expression ability, conviction and make the scheme ability and may also protect traveler peaceful.Contain ground, water, fire and breeze four greatest chemical elements, have a strong treatment, decontamination and quick strength, is the crystal that has curative effect most .The long stone is the generic name of long stone clan mineral, it is a type of the aluminum Huo that familiarly contains calcium, sodium and potassium sour salt to build a rock mineral.Long stone the proportion is up to 60% in the earth crust, in the igneous rock, metamorphic rock, deposition rock in can appear.The long stone is the main mineral composition of almost all igneous rocks, for rock of the classification has important meaning.The medicine that is together another to have.Catalogue brief introduction the basic structure property and application classification discriminate medicine name brief introduction basic structure long stone(feldspar) the long stone grow the type of stone quality together elephant act for very growth, their chemistries constitute in common use OrxAby Anz(x+y+z=100) to mean.The Or, Ab and An represent KAlSi3 O8, NaAlSi3 O8 and CaAl2 Si2 O83 kind set cent respectively.With two sets of some serieses that is together divided into a lord, can divide the line to two qualities elephant:Alkaline long stone series;(namely Or-Ab series)Inclined long stone series.(namely Ab-An series)Or and An set cent can limitedly mix to dissolve, don't form series.Grow a mixing of stone to dissolve a long stone of series one basic structure unit is a tetrahedron, it from 4 oxygen atoms around a Huo atom or aluminum atom but constitute.Each tetrahedrons like this uses an oxygen atom with another tetrahedron and forms a kind of 3D framework.Alkali or such soil metal cation of greater half path are aring located in big crevice inside the framework, go together with to count to 8(at list inclined crystal fasten long stone in) or 9.(at three inclined crystal fasten long stone in)Long stone crystal majority assume plank-like in shape or follow some a crystallize stalk extension of the plank is pillar-like in shape.Double the crystal phenomenon is pretty much universal, the double crystal Lyu reaches to more 20 variety.It is crystal to familiarly have the sodium long stone Lyu, Ba Lyu of Man Ni and expect long stone Lyu of Wen Nuo Lyu, the card Si Ba Lyu, Xiao sodium double.
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It's interesting to learn about the significance and symbolism associated with the sea blue precious stone in different cultures. The details about its habitat and the largest crystal discovered are quite fascinating. Additionally, the description of the long stone's mineral composition and its classification is informative at my location


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I can't get enough of the positivity emanating from this article. It's contagious in the best drift hunters possible way!

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