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like rising winds and surging clouds

de lynelo le Mer Juin 13, 2012 2:24 am


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In 1310, the method king issued order to sentence to death a big parts of saint palace a knight regiment member, left some important members, for of is from their mouth in know that the saint palace knight's regiment hides of valuables where. The saint palace knight's regiment some be not caught of person, originally try the way of depending the diplomacy, the extrication is caught of member, Fei dint four a life times of bloodthirsty make them recognize pure realistic, they decide to depend on oneself of strength extrication companion. After a year, they organized one to rescue an activity and hurtled into in the jail, extrication some people, include the match door of one of tallest 12 people of pastor's regiment among them.Allah Gong. From that time on the card wears the gratitude and grudge quarrel of of dynasty, the Vatican and the saint palace knight's regiment, and the establishment of rose ten word knight's regiments, like rising winds and surging clouds..... Sincerely become available in the market on July 1 the precious stone blue and crystal sea blue precious stone, Emerald and emerald all are called beryl in the mineralogy, is an all transparent beryl crystal.The beryl is a kind of Huo that contains Pi, aluminum sour salt, the molecular formula is a Be3 Al2 Si6 O18.The color of sea blue precious stone is a pale blue color to go to sea blue or take green of blue of beryl.Its color mainly is in order to containing little two price iron ions(Fe 2+)s, with clear Jie without blemish, thick gorgeous gorgeous and blue go to light blue of is the best.Belong to six squares crystal fasten.The familiar crystal appearance produces for six square pillar, being secondly six square double awl, aggregations presenting more pillar-like in shape.Glass sheen, transparent go to translucent.Fold light to lead 1.567-1.590, double refractive index 0.005-0.007.Many colors are obvious, blue to arrive blue green.Degree of hardness 7.5, the density is 2.68-2.80 grams of/cubic centre-metre rice.It is shell-like in shape to break.X's shooting line irradiation bottom doesn't give out light.The tenacity is good. Sea blue precious stone and alike and natural precious stone, artificial synthesize the differentiation of blue sea precious stone.Have blue topaz with the natural precious stone of sea blue precious stone likeness and change color Zircon, artificial synthesize a blue sea precious stone to contain blue sharp crystal stone and artificial glass.Is a density with the best differentiation method of topaz, Zircon:The topaz is 3.59 grams of/cubic centre-metre rice, the Zircon is 4.69 grams of/cubic centre-metre rice, the density is greatly partial to, the hand Dian has heavy feeling.Under the magnifier the observation bottom engraves noodles sharp angle, the Zircon, topaz all can show a pair of shadow, sea the blue precious stone isn't quite know.The Zircon color spreads Gao.Crystal appearance:The inclined square of topaz is pillar-like in shape, the Zircon is everywhere pillar-like in shape.Although the artificial glass and artificial blue sharp crystal stone color is all similar to it,is a quality body all, have no two colors, take this as to distinguish. Evaluation and purchase of the sea blue precious stone.It is color, clarity and weight according to the factor.The color is deep, without blemish, the weight is big of is a good product.The characteristic of sea blue precious stone is a pale blue color, sea blue, glass sheen, the package body is little, cleanness, transparent, have weak two colorses, six square pillar-like in shape crystal forms.Sea blue precious stone to compare with frailty, , fear heat, the heat bottom easily cracks open by explosion, meeting fire to roast will fade in color.
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