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another blue and crystal the evil series is huge to make

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are at the whole body of legend youth the Rui Bo quietly present under the built-up haze.He cold Ao but be full of intense emotion, relentless but the clever strategy is matchless.For the enemy, he is the most terrible devil;For the lady, but he is the most perfect lover.His mission is the rare scheme that completes a net to knit world.Face fatal sturdy enemy, he can direct in this devil of satge up come out how far?《Evil warrior 》 fastens airtight especially 14-year-old that year, the evil clan return of soundly asleep several years the human life.For the sake of realization own hero ideal, fasten airtight a person alone stepped on especially the risky itinerary of rescuing the close relatives. This is risky, make to fasten airtight met the hero in the heart especially-own the saint hall of mysterious strength warrior.Is exactly also this adventure, make him own as well just as well evil strong strength, and an unknown special identity. More and more the evil clan soldier grows, the more and more fatal improbity weapon take turns to show up and face one and other danger, the youth fastens airtight especially creator one and other miracle ……《evil eye 》 after 《sorcery apprentice and evil warrior 》 , another blue and crystal the evil series is huge to make, jump to take off western medieval times of century background, enjoy for your all new modern strange Gui! Talking an end is about 30 workshop employees for a year, the family background banality is living common.Is a certain to go to bank and make a deposit but run into robbing, proper when he sinks to immerse in details of cops-and-gangsters gun battle slice"touch!"Of a , he suddenly sees he the image since the childhood and quickly broadcasts in the brain …… should say that his good luck still keeps pouring lintel?The god unexpectedly lets his consciousness get into a 12-year-old rich family daughter body up, and still he loves most of"Luo Li"!Precocious Luo Li with ground read of speech end, quarreled noisily ground to open an unknown"go into partnership" life ……《is dark to go 》 is an empire first lieutenant, receive the parties of the delitescence of a paper to enemy country to make, with ease changed his career planning-aggrieved thunder gram ·He Er since can not refuse, and then don't think the birth is at the spy went in to deadly waste to send a precious small life in the adventure! Isn't equal to so-daytime, he is a wave to concuss an useless flower flower noble, secretly, he is a legend in the dark night, as long as can hand over bad settle a dispute good. Hence, at this evil lead mechanical country in, thunder gram ·the He Er face people of this world by dual feature and launch a different taboo game in a form ……《small potato 》 Renaissance before, the religious influence starts weakening, sea trade gradual rise, leading role elder brother Bu is the small potato of nobility stratum, at that time under the environment, this small potato was the most progressive one part of persons. Elder brother Bu is the actor that makes a circuit of play regiment, he is an orphan, grew up in the monastery in childhood, just carnival on that day, took place to assassinate affairs, there is a baron in the affairs be stabbed to die, at manipulating of some persons under, this affair changed elder brother Bu's whole life.《The knight's blood 》 this is a with the ages that the knight is a war main force, is similar to Nepoleon's war, a newly arisen empire-Fu orchid Sa empire is growing, and the mainland is being placed in the edge that the influence reallocates.This newly arisen empire annexed by force to draw together a batch of nations and constituted a promise Manchester United alliance.In order to match another, other nations of mainland seek associately and constitute another alliance-Dan especially allies.The nation of leading role place receives Si to give a gram of republic, is that economy is flourishing but military real strenght general democratic nation, became the first target of war that gobbles up the whole world that the Fu orchid Sa empire starts.
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